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Fast-absorbed, 100% Botanical Pure Skin Nourishment oils. The perfect solution to smooth, hydrated, and lovely skin. You can use it in or out of the sun. For daily moisturized skin, apply liberally after a nice warm shower or bath while the skin is still wet. Gently pat dry with a towel. For tanning, apply 10-15 minutes before going out in the sun. Does not contain SPF.

Alcohol Free

Liquid Extract


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Since 1971

Support Your Energy with the B Complex Multivitamin

If you’re feeling uncharacteristically stressed, irritable, or tired, then maybe it’s time to revitalize yourself with a B-Complex multivitamin. In our B-Complex liquid multivitamin, you receive the benefits of both a full range of B-Vitamins and vitamin C working together to help support your mood and energy levels. How? Well, these vitamins have been shown to support quite a few important nervous system functions related to a healthy brain chemistry, mood stability, and blood production.

Revitalize Yourself!

B Vitamins for Targeted Support

If you want to help increase your body’s function within a targeted area, here are our biggest B Vitamin helpers.


Your natural ally for healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Folic Acid

Increase your body’s blood, cell, and metabolic health.

Vitamin B12

Boost your general health, vitality, and energy levels Vitamin B Complex.


Your natural helper to increase fatigue, mental fog, and memory.

Vitamin B6

A vitamin to improve dopamine production and brain health.

Capsicum for Metabolism and General Health

Wanting to support your healthy weight? Capsicum can act nature’s fat burner as part of a healthy diet and exercise. With its red-hot burning sensation straight from cayenne pepper, capsicum can help you stimulate your metabolism and burn fat. Although nothing is guaranteed, we like this product to help us feel and look great. That’s not all it’s good for, though! Capsicum has also been known to have several other benefits:

Improved Digestion

Soothing of occasional Discomfort

Antioxidant Properties

General Health Support (like supporting your healthy sugar blood levels and endothelial function)

Acidophilus for Digestion

Are you ready to have more energy by supporting your body’s healthy digestion? Acidophilus could help! It’s a probiotic coming from microorganisms living in our gut that may help support your body’s natural defense mechanisms and properly digest your food. How might it help you?

Healthy Digestion

Increased Bioavailability

Better Nutrient Processing (for things like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and essential minerals)

Support your Energy

Yohimbe for Healthy Weight Support Maintenance and Vigorous Performance

We’ve taken the traditionally powdered bark of Yohimbe trees in Western and Central Africa and made it liquid so you can easier access its beneficial properties! With its ability to stimulate the nervous system and support a healthy blood flow, Yohimbe can help you in many ways!

Athletic Performance

Healthy Sex Life

Weight Support

Botanical Essences

Here at 1Herbs, we have unraveled the potential of botanicals to ensure you have the purest, most potent liquid herb extracts. No matter what your goals are for your body, we have a botanical essence that could help!

Complex Formulas

Does your body need help to support its healthy digestion, blood pressure, or eyesight and vision? How about its mental functions, your body’s natural defense mechanisms, or your liver? Move toward your goals with complex mixtures of minerals, vitamins, and botanicals.

Single Vitamins and Minerals

Did you know supplementary vitamins and minerals are incredibly important to help keep our bodies healthy? They are a wonderful way to support your body’s natural healing, energy-boosting, and defense mechanisms.

  What Our Customers Think

“I loved this golden seal. It was a nice undertone of honey and was easy to swallow. Will buy again in the future.”


“Best of the best. This product helps you keep your lymph nodes healthy.”

K. W. Sibley

“Love this liquid Vitamin B1—has a great taste. Bought it for myself (faster absorption) but this would be perfect for children. Considering buying more for my older grandchildren.”

Keri W.

  About 1Herbs

We know that every person and their needs are different. That’s why we offer such a wide range of natural products that have been studied intensely so we know exactly how the many different herbs, plants, and vitamins can help your body.

Proof of the excellence and purity of our products is that we have supplied the Amish community since 1971. Their standards for natural and unprocessed products are very high and we are proud of the quality of our liquid supplements and products.

Our company has been producing the purest possible forms of liquid vitamins, supplements, minerals, and herbal remedies ever since so that our customers can get the most out of every drop.

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Lead a Vibrant Life with Nature on Your Side with 1Herbs

People have been reaping the healing benefits of nature since the beginning of time. We have since isolated and studied the botanicals, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids of all kinds to help create an optimized support system for your health. Now, we can offer you the purest and most potent forms of these botanicals in the form of liquid herb extracts and formulas.

Boost your body, sharpen your mind, and lead a more vibrant life by choosing the vitamins and minerals that your body craves.

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